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About Varsity All Star

Celebrate More

Since its founding in 1974, Varsity has been a driving force in shaping the cheer and dance industry into the international phenomenon that it is today. Our collection of 23 industry brand leaders provides advantages that are unsurpassed in today's market. In addition, Mardi Gras Spirit Events, Orlando Magic and Sea to Sky have aligned with Varsity All Star to provide even more competition options.

Here are some of the benefits of aligning with Varsity All Star:

Varsity Family Plan

This revenue-sharing program allows gym owners to reinvest a portion of fees paid back into their gym. The rebates we pay can generate more than twice what anyone else in the industry offers.

Safety Advocates

Varsity All Star has been integrally involved with the U.S. All Star Federation and the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators to promote the safety and long-term success of the sport.

Focus on Costs

We're sensitive to the economic times, so we've kept registration fees flat over the previous year and offer free spectator admission to many of our events.

Access to Gym Owner Resources

Varsity iClass Pro, our accounting and business management web-based tool, is designed to help gym owners succeed by increasing business organization and profitability, and improving payment processing. The inaugural Varsity All Star Gym Owners Conference, held in May/June, brought together business experts to provide important information on a wide range of business topics. The conference was designed to provide business resources to all star gym owners to be more effective and profitable.

Varsity All Star Fashion

Varsity All Star Fashion has a complete fashion collection for the all star athlete. Choose from their many innovative styles, infused designs, and unique looks or take advantage of their interactive Varsity ID design sessions to create your own style of Varsity All Star Fashion.

Competition Diversity

Our range of competitions spans the most elite levels to local competitions whose focus is on fun. We offer more than 250 competitions across the nation produced by regionally diverse brands, each with their own unique style and competition personality. There's something for everyone in the Varsity All Star family of brands!