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V!ROC All Star Cheer & Dance Choreography

V!ROC All Star Cheer Choreography

V!ROC All Star has top notch choreographers that are ready to teach your cheerleaders and dancers the most up to date and innovative material today. Our Staff are experts in the All Star industry and will strive to give your teams an experience of a life time. Check out our website for more details on how and who you can book to choreograph for your program today.

Looking for summer tips surrounding your practices and choreography sessions? Director of Choreography for V!ROC All Star, Matt Goto, will be supplying you with tips for your routines throughout the next few weeks! Check back periodically to ensure your team is ready for the season.

Tip #1: Treat your routine like a puzzle, so when it's finished you don't see the lines only the beautiful picture at the end! Each element of your routine is a puzzle piece. How you creatively connect those pieces together affect the visual flow and seamlessness of your overall routine. Make your transitions so smooth, that even the judges don't see the lines!

Tip #2: The term cookie-cutter is only positive if there are chocolate chips involved. If a Cheer Parent can predict what you are going to do in your routine, MIX IT UP! Don’t be afraid to break the mold and venture into the different and unknown. Change the sequence of your routine to keep the audience on their toes and the judges engaged. Make sure to bridge routine elements together to satisfy the judges and score some creativity points as well! Example: Throw your baskets in the middle of your stunt sequence or place a random pyramid in your building section