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The Summit FAQ

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What is The Summit?

The Summit is the definitive all levels national championship. Eight years ago, Varsity was inspired by the talent within the All Star industry and listened to its customers when they asked for a high caliber event that recognized teams in non-world divisions. While the International All Levels Championship was highly successful, we realized these extraordinary teams needed to be showcased on a grandeur level. For the 2017 season, Varsity All Star is committed to producing an innovative, prestigious, competitive and unforgettable end of the year all levels experience.

Where will The Summit be taking place?

The Summit is a LIVE competition where teams will face-off, May 5-7 2017, at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, FL.

How do I receive a bid to The Summit?

 A complete listing of these events can be found at http://www.varsityallstar.com/the-summit

NEW this year- ALL Summit Bids will be announced on Monday nights following each weekend that Summit Bids are offered at events.

What divisions are offered at The Summit?

Youth Level 1SmallJunior Level 4Small
Youth Level 1LargeJunior Level 4Large
Junior Level 1SmallSenior Level 4Small
Junior Level 1LargeSenior Level 4Large
Senior Level 1SmallSenior Coed Level 4Small
Senior Level 1LargeSenior Coed Level 4Large
Youth Level 2SmallSenior Level 4.2Small
Youth Level 2LargeSenior Level 4.2Large
Junior Level 2SmallSenior Coed Level 4.2Small
Junior Level 2LargeSenior Coed Level 4.2Large
Senior Level 2SmallYouth Level 5Small
Senior Level 2LargeYouth Level 5Large
Youth Level 3SmallJunior Restricted Level 5Small
Youth Level 3LargeJunior Restricted Level 5Large
Junior Level 3SmallJunior Level 5Small
Junior Level 3LargeJunior Level 5Large
Senior Level 3SmallJunior Coed Level 5Small
Senior Level 3LargeJunior Coed Level 5Large
Senior Coed Level 3SmallSenior Restricted Level 5Small
Senior Coed Level 3LargeSenior Restricted Level 5Large
Youth Level 4SmallSenior Restricted Coed Level 5Small
Youth Level 4LargeSenior Restricted Coed Level 5Large

Will international teams be able to compete at The Summit?

Canadian teams are the only teams allowed to receive bids at Varsity All Star events in the United States. International Teams outside of Canada will only be allowed to win a bid and perform at The Summit if they receive a bid at a Varsity international event.

If an athlete from our bid winning team can’t make it to The Summit, are we allowed to replace them with another athlete from our gym?

Yes, but please make sure to review the crossover policies.

Are crossovers between teams allowed at The Summit?

Athletes will not be allowed to compete on more than 2 cheer teams at The Summit. Athletes can only cross up or down one level at The Summit (EX: Level 2 athlete may only crossover to a Level 1 or Level 3 team). All Level 4.2 athletes may only crossover to levels 2, 3 or 4. Athletes can only cross up or down a level at The Summit. Level 5 athletes that competed at Cheerleading Worlds can only cross to level 4 & 5 Summit divisions (Excludes Level 4.2). No crossovers will be allowed to compete on both a cheer and a dance team at The Summit. However a Cheerleading Worlds athlete may compete at the Dance Summit and a Dance Worlds athlete may compete at The Summit. Reminder that we do not guarantee crossovers at The Summit during the Semi-Finals Round or Finals Round.

Participants may only represent one gym. Participants must pay an additional registration fee for each additional team performance. However, if there is an athlete that is on a Paid bid team and crossing over to another Paid Bid team there will be no crossover fee applied. Only if an athlete is on a Paid Bid team as well as an At-Large bid team will that athlete will be required to pay the crossover fee.

Are crossovers between teams allowed between The Summit and D2 Summit?

Athletes will be allowed to crossover between the two Summit events as long as they meet all roster substitution guidelines.

Are crossovers allowed between Cheerleading Worlds and The Summit?

The MAXIMUM number of individuals allowed to crossover from the 2016 Cheerleading Worlds to The Summit will be 5 athletes per team. Level 5 athletes that competed at Cheerleading Worlds can only cross to level 4 & 5 Summit divisions (Excluded: Level 4.2). Level 6 athletes that competed at Cheerleading Worlds can only cross over to level 5 Summit division.

How many teams advance from the Wild Card Round?

The Wild Card round of The Summit will take place Friday, May 5th at the at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando, FL. NEW-1st and 2nd place WILDCARD teams will advance straight to FINALS on Sunday and 3rd place WILDCARD teams will move to Saturday.

How many teams advance to Finals on Sunday from Semi-Finals? 

All divisions with 10 or less teams in Semi Finals will have 5 teams advance to finals.
All divisions with 11-19 teams in Semi Finals will have 50% of the division advance to finals.
All divisions with 20 or more teams in Semi-Finals will have 10 teams in the division advance to finals.

What do individuals and teams receive for competing at The Summit?

All participants will receive a participation medallion for competing at The Summit. Teams who make their "Final Quest" in each division on Sunday will be awarded a personalized team banner with their division and placement. Teams that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective division, will also receive a team banner and each participant from those teams will receive individual mini banners recognizing their accomplishment. All divisional champions will receive exclusive Summit Champion Rings!

Will Small Gym divisions be offered at The Summit?

Should a team in a Small Gym division receive a bid, they must compete in the standard division at The Summit. If you are wishing to compete as a small gym, please visit the D2 Summit page for additional information.  

How will large/small divisions be split at The Summit?

Teams must compete at The Summit in the same age, level and division size they received their bids. Teams competing at events in combined large/small divisions will be split into their respective sizes at The Summit only if registration allows.

Our team was awarded a paid bid for our Small Junior Level 2 team with 19 people, may we add additional athletes prior to The Summit?

You MUST compete with the number of athletes that you qualify with. You can compete with less as long as it keeps you in the same division. You will only be able to replace 25% of your roster from the time you received your bid until you compete at The Summit. Example: A team of 20 competes and receives a bids, they can only replace 5 athletes at the time of The Summit competition.

Do spectators have to purchase a Walt Disney World® Park Hopper® ticket in order to watch competition at ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex?

No! If you are only going to the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex, you may purchase a ticket at the door. However, if you purchase a Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® ticket from The Summit, it includes admission into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex.

Are there discounted park tickets available for family and friends not on the travel package?

Yes there are three different tickets.

3- day PARK HOPPER® Ticket- $255
4 day PARK HOPPER® Ticket- $285
5- day PARK HOPPER® Ticket- $315

These tickets are valid for unlimited admission into the Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney's Hollywood Studios® , and Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park as well as three days of admission into ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex. These tickets DO NOT include The Summit bus transportation to the parks. Tickets will not available for pickup until Tuesday before The Summit. All discounted park tickets that are ordered will be picked up at the Coronado Springs Resort.

As a coach, what do I need for Summit Registration?

Coach and Gym Owner registering the gyms must turn in ALL paperwork in order to successfully register their program.

  • Medical Release Forms for ALL athletes & coaches
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Roster

What is included in a paid bid package?

Each qualifying team member will receive a credit of the quad rate towards the Summit Travel Package.  You will receive this discount only for those athletes that actually performed on the team at the time you received the bid. 

Paid Bid travel package:
  • 4 nights of hotel accommodations (Quad room) at a Disney Value Resort (If an athlete is on a paid bid team, the athlete can stay in a room with their parents. The athlete would be credited the Quad Room Rate)
  • 4 day Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® Pass(with 3 days admissions into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex)
  • Bus Transportation to all scheduled events
  • DME Transportation to/from the airport
  • Celebration Party wristband

What are the at-large, commuter and spectator travel packages and prices?

These can be found here in the coming weeks.

Can parents and friends be included in the travel packages?

Of course! A lot of coaches meet with the parents and include them on the travel package for their team. However, we encourage family members and friends to register with us directly.

We have an uneven number of girls. Can we pay the quad rate for three girls in a room?

No. Travel package prices have been calculated according to how may people are in each room.

What hotel are we staying at?

Accommodations will be provided at Disney Value Resorts and are all rooms are on a first come first serve basis.

Can we stay at another Disney hotel or off Disney property?

If a Paid Bid team chooses to not stay on property then they will receive the “Commuter Paid Bid” package for free. It includes:
  • 4 day Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® Pass(with 3 days admissions into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex)
  • Free Summit registration fees
  • Celebration Party wristband

For Wild Card or At-Large bid teams looking to use the commuter package, this includes:
  • 3 day Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® Pass(with 3 days admissions into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex)
  • Summit registration fees