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Varsity All Star Scoring Updates

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November 29th- Updated Building Deduction Values


With several weeks of championships under our belt, it’s become obvious that this season’s tighter point ranges have led to closer scores. It’s also become obvious that last season’s point deduction values are playing a more extreme role in affecting the final results.

Given this information, and based on feedback from coaches, we are adjusting the values of our Building Deductions to more fairly reflect the current scoring ranges. These adjustments will have no bearing on the results from events that have already taken place.

Effective 12/2/2016:
  • Building Falls will be worth .50 (instead of .75)
  • Major Building Falls will be worth 1.0 (instead of 1.25)
  • Maximum Deductions will be worth 1.5 (instead of 1.75)
We will continue with our objective to produce a system that focuses on rewarding our young athletes.

November 3rd- Scoring System Feedback and Reminders


We are already up and running with the 16-17 season. Based on feedback from Coaches and Varsity All Star Judges, we’d like to share the following reminders with everyone.

Stunt Quantity: In order to receive a 5.0 in Stunt Quantity, the full squad (based on groups of 4) need to perform an elite level appropriate skill. There are some elite level appropriate skills that can easily be performed in groups of 5, which may definitely be rewarded in Stunt Difficulty. However, receiving a 5.0 in Stunt Quantity requires athletes to perform the skill based on groups of 4.

Standing Tumbling: If you change directions in your standing tumbling pass, the pass will not be considered ‘continuous’ and will be treated as two separate tumbling passes. For example: a L2 team throwing forward roll followed immediately by a back handspring would receive level appropriate credit for a standing back handspring.

Running Tumbling: For Running Tumbling credit, judges will be looking for skills that are executed from a power hurdle or stepping hurdle entry. Taking a couple of steps before executing a standing tumbling skill will not warrant Running Tumbling credit.

August 24th- Scoring System Updates


Updated Scoring Documents Available: No actual changes, just grammatical edits and formatting updates.

May 25th- 2016-2017 Scoring System 

Thanks to everyone who helped proof our Scoring Documents over the past 5 days.  

In addition to the official list of Level Appropriate vs. Elite Level Appropriate skills, here are a few of the other updates you'll notice: 

  • The Technique HIGH RANGE (4.5 - 5.0) now reads "Most to All athletes execute excellent precision, form, and synchronization." This should help tighten technique scores so they weigh more fairly in comparison to Difficulty.
  • There was a typo under Stunt Difficulty MID RANGE (4.0 - 4.5) and LOW RANGE (3.5 - 4.0) that has been corrected.
  • Drivers are now included in the documents. Drivers are factors that Judges will consider when determining an actual score within a range. 
  • Given the current transitions facing music production, references to 'music' and 'musicality' have been removed from the Dance category description and the Routine Composition category description.
  • To remain consistent with skill requirements from last season, Difficulty Scores for All Star Prep teams will not be eligible for the MID and HIGH range.