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Varsity All Star Cheer & Dance Competitions

Event Dates

Dates for the 2015-2016 competition season are now available! Additional dates, locations and pricing will be confirmed within the coming months. If you have any questions about our events, please contact your Varsity All Star Advisoror one of our Varsity All Star Brands. Remember you can narrow your search by clicking on the Advanced Search button and easily navigate by brand, date or state.  All dates, locations and prices are tentative and subject to change.  


Division 2

This season, the USASF introduced Division 2.  A “Division II”  program is defined as having one physical address for its location and has 125 or less athletes registered in its competitive cheer program as of 11/1/15. A gym must be declared as “Division II” for the season by the 11/1/15 deadline. Exhibition teams, crossover athletes, special needs teams and dance teams do not count toward the 125 or less athletes. “Prep” athletes are counted toward the 125 athletes are less. 

At Varsity All Star, many of our Small Gym divisions and Small Gym competitions have been renamed Division II.  Moving forward, we will continue to split divisions (based on USASF split guidelines) or offer Division II  competitions when registrations warrant.  Please reach out to the individual brands if you have any questions on how Division II will be handled at their events.

Competition Categories

A smart choice for entry-level teams and a great way to begin your season.
1-Day Events1-Day Events
Fantastic one-day events that are fun, low pressure, and low price.
2-Day Events2-Day Events
Two-day events give you the opportunity to test your skills against the best programs in the Nation. On par with a true National Championship.
Destination EventsDestination Events
Break up your competition schedule at a destination venue that allows time for relaxation and recreation.
Summit and World Bid eventsSummit and World Bid eventsSummit & World Bid events
With over 700 Summit Bids & over 80 Worlds Bids up for grabs, you’re guaranteed large competitive divisions, spacious venues and exceptional production at all levels. Great exposure for all your teams.