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The Dance Summit FAQ

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What is The Dance Summit?

The Dance Summit is the definitive dance national championship. Seven years ago, Varsity was inspired by the talent within the All Star industry and listened to its customers when they asked for a high caliber event that recognized teams in non-world divisions. For the 2017 season, Varsity All Star is committed to producing an innovative, prestigious, competitive & unforgettable dance experience. The Dance Summit will be an added component to The Summit which is going into its fourth year for All Star cheer teams. We welcome the creativity and passion of the dancers and look forward to showcasing their talents at The Dance Summit this year. 

Where will The Dance Summit be taking place?

The Dance Summit will take place on May 6-7, 2016 , at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, Florida.

What is a bid and how do I receive one?

A bid is an invitation to attend and compete in The Dance Summit.  There are two types of bids that are awarded: Paid & At-Large.  A complete listing of the dance bid events can be found on http://www.varsityallstar.com/the-dance-summit

What is the difference between a Paid & At-Large bid?

Paid Bids: Each qualifying team member will receive a credit of the quad rate towards the Summit Travel Package.  You will receive this discount only for those dancers that actually performed on the team at the time you received the bid. The Paid Bid includes:
  • 4 nights of hotel accommodations (Quad room) at a Disney Value Resort
  • 4 day Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® Pass (with 3 days admissions into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex)
  • Bus Transportation to all scheduled events
  • DME Transportation to/from the Orlando International Airport
  • Celebration Party
An At-Large bid offers an invitation to compete at The 2017 Dance Summit.

How will the bid distribution process work?

Bids to The Dance Summit, both Paid and At-Large, shall be awarded at the sole discretion of each Varsity Brand Event Producer. While the following guidelines must be taken in to consideration, ultimately, Brands may award bids to whomever they choose.
  1. Generally, bids will be awarded to First Place teams.
  2. Bids will be awarded evenly, to the extent possible, across divisions/categories.
Ex: An event with 3 paid bids is encouraged not to award two paid bids in the same divisions/categories.
Teams holding an At-Large Bid may be upgraded to a Paid. The At-Large Bid will then be released and passed down.

What divisions are offered at The Dance Summit?

TinyJazzPomHip Hop
Small MiniJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Large MiniJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Small YouthJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Large YouthJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Junior CoedJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Small JuniorJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Large JuniorJazzPomHip HopKickVarietyLyrical
Small SeniorKickVariety
Large SeniorKickVariety
Small Senior CoedKickVariety
Large Senior CoedKickVariety
Small OpenKickVariety
Large OpenKickVariety
Small Open CoedKickVariety
Large Open CoedKickVariety
Open MaleKickVariety

If a dancer from our bid winning team can’t make it to The Dance Summit, are we allowed to replace them with another dancer from our program?

Yes, but please make sure to review the crossover policies.

Are crossovers between teams allowed at The Dance Summit?

Yes. An All Star dancer is limited to performing in up to four (4) performances at The Dance Summit. Participants may only represent one gym. 

Are crossovers allowed between The Summit for cheer and The Dance Summit? 

There will be no crossovers allowed between the two portions of The Summit. 

Do teams compete both days?

No. All teams will compete on Saturday. Their final scores from that day will determine if they advance to finals.

How many teams advance to finals?

All divisions with 10 or less teams in Semi Finals will have 5 teams advance to finals.
All divisions with 11-19 teams in Semi Finals will have 50% of the division advance to finals.
All divisions with 20 or more teams in Semi Finals will have 10 teams in the division advance to finals.

What do individuals and teams receive for competing at The Dance Summit?

All participants will receive a participation medallion for competing at The Dance Summit. Teams who make their "Final Quest" in each category/division on Sunday will be awarded a personalized team banner with their category/division and placement. Teams that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective category/division, will also receive a team banner and each participant from those teams will receive individual mini banners recognizing their accomplishment. All division/category champions will receive exclusive Dance Summit Champion Rings!

How will large/small divisions be split at The Summit?

Teams must compete at The Summit in the same age, level and division size they received their bids. Teams competing at events in combined large/small divisions will be split into their respective sizes at The Summit only if registration allows.
Yes you may add more athletes as long as you stay within the dance division rules stated by the USASF. However, you will only receive the paid bid value for the 19 athletes who qualified upon receiving your bid.

Will The Dance Summit count towards my Varsity Family Plan rebate?

No, The Dance Summit will not be included in your rebate.

Are there discounted park tickets available for family and friends not on the travel package?

Yes there are three different tickets.

3- day PARK HOPPER® Ticket- $255
4 day PARK HOPPER® Ticket- $285
5- day PARK HOPPER® Ticket- $315

These tickets are valid for unlimited admission into the Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney's Hollywood Studios® , and Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park as well as three days of admission into ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex. These tickets DO NOT include The Summit bus transportation to the parks.

What are the at-large, commuter and spectator travel packages and prices?

These will be available in the near future.

Can parents and friends be included in the travel packages?

Of course! A lot of coaches meet with the parents and include them on the travel package for their team. However, we encourage family members and friends to register with us directly.

We have an uneven number of girls. Can we pay the quad rate for three girls in a room?

No. Travel package prices have been calculated according to how may people are in each room.

What hotel are we staying at?

Accommodations will be provided at Disney Value Resorts and are all rooms are on a first come first serve basis.

Can we stay at another Disney hotel or off Disney property?

If a Paid Bid team chooses to not stay on property then they will receive the “Commuter Paid Bid” package for free. It includes:
  • 4 day Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® Pass(with 3 days admissions into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex)
  • Free Summit registration fees
  • Celebration Party wristband

For Wild Card or At-Large bid teams looking to use the commuter package, this includes:
  • 3 day Walt Disney World® Park HOPPER® Pass(with 3 days admissions into the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex)
  • Summit registration fees