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Varsity All Star Conference Cup Challenge

Varsity All Star is excited to kick off the 2017 challenge to teams in every region of the country! Varsity All Star’s Conference Cup Challenge will recognize and reward those teams who are placing at the top of their division across the nation in 5 regions- the West Coast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest & Northeast.  We challenge you to compete at 5 or more Varsity All Star events throughout the season to claim your Conference Cup title and bragging rights for 2017. 

Check out the current standings for the 2017 competition season!



  • Champions win recognition in CheerBiz magazine, a banner & coveted champion leather jackets.

How Teams Participated: 

  • A team must compete at 5 or more Varsity All Star events within their gym's region to qualify
  • If a team places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective division at a Varsity All Star event within their region*, they will earn points for their achievement. 
    • 1st place - 20 points
    • 2nd place - 15 points
    • 3rd place - 10 points
  • At the end of the season, the team with the highest point total across Levels 1 - 5 in each region will win the Conference Cup Challenge title.
    • In the case of a tie in points, all ties will be broken by how many teams the top teams competed against within their division throughout the entire season.
    • All region standings will be tracked right here on varsityallstar.com

    • *Program must be located and compete within their region to earn points

    Conference Cup Challenge Map