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About Varsity All Star

We are Undeniably COMMITTED to All Star

To our customers, the over 800 gyms that are members of our Varsity Family Plan, and others who order our uniforms or just attend a few events, THANK YOU. We are proud to partner with you to provide incredible experiences for our customers. We will be by your side to battle challenges we face together, to create opportunities for growth, to reach more young people and have them become a part of this incredible industry, and potentially make positive, life changing differences in their lives.

We are elevating Varsity All Star to become a stronger, more vibrant leader with increased benefits for you. Our team of experienced, dedicated and creative people have grown up in this industry, and they are a key benefit we hope you will utilize often. Balance that with our long history of success and growth and we feel like we have the team to lead both Varsity and this industry far into the future. We know the challenges first hand and are facing them head on.

Economic times are difficult and concerns about the future are an everyday challenge. We are committed to balance those challenges by finding creative ways to reduce costs and renegotiate our expenses to keep from taxing and burdening our customers – parents and gym owners.

All Star - we live it, we breathe it, we wake up each day thinking about it. Like you, we are gym owners, coaches and parents and we are committed to elevating All Star to its next level of greatness. Please join us in this quest.

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