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/D2-SUMMIT.jpg?v=1The D2 Summit - Exclusively for gyms 125 athletes and under

2016 was an incredible inaugural event for D2 Summit! We had over 495 teams competing this weekend in Tampa and we are so thankful that you made the climb. We had over 9,000 athletes bring coached by 1,300 coaches from 46 states. 

We are so excited about you making the climb in 2017 and hope that you take part in the journey again this season to compete at the Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort!

Date: May 12-14, 2017

Location:  Walt Disney World Resort

D2 Summit Registration

Registration Opens December 1st for those teams who have received a bid in September, October or November. Start planning your climb by reviewing the D2Summit Travel Packages and Pricing HERE. When registering and making a payment, please use another browser besides Internet Explorer to avoid issues with the portal.


D2 Summit Bid Events & Wild Card Bids

D2 Summit will now be offering Wild Card bids across select Varsity All Star events! These Wild Card Bids give Youth, Junior and Senior teams the chance to earn their way into the D2 Summit. The Wild Card round of D2 Summit will take place Friday, May 12th at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando, FL. 1st and 2nd place WILDCARD teams advance straight to FINALS on Sunday and 3rd place WILDCARD teams will move to Saturday. 

Teams accepting Wild Card Bids are NOT eligible to accept At-Large D2 Summit Bids, however, they can upgrade to a Paid D2 Summit Bid. Unused Wild Card Bids will not be passed down. More information about the D2 Summit Wild Card Bid Declaration will be available at a later date.


This list is tentative and subject to change.

D2 Summit Roster Policy

You MUST compete with the number of athletes that you qualify with. You can compete with less as long as it keeps you in the same division.  You will only be able to replace 25% of your roster from the time you received your bid until you compete at the D2 Summit.  Example:A team of 20 competes and receives a bids, they can only replace 5 athletes at the time of the D2 Summit competition.

D2 Summit - Bid Eligibility

NEW THIS YEAR- Single location D2 programs are the ONLY teams eligible for D2 Summit bids. Gyms must be of Division II size (125 athletes or less) when they receive a D2 Summit bid and MUST  remain a D2 size gym when they arrive at the D2 Summit. Once a program goes above 125 athletes they will have to release their D2 bid, if they have one, and will not be eligible for D2 bids the remainder of the season.

Definition of multiple location
  1. Share a tax ID
  2. Share an owner
  3. Have a franchising/liscending agreement with another gym
  4. Have similar enough name OR branding it would confuse the consumer as to being part of a bigger gym
  5. Share family plan or use multiple locations to meet family plan 
  6. If there is any possible confusion it is on the owners of the locations to prove to Varsity and the customers they are not a multi-location gym
The only multi location programs that are eligible to compete at the D2 Summit can not have more than 125 athletes total between all locations and meet the USASF requirement for a D2 program. 

D2 Summit - Division Splits at Bid Events

A team can declare at any given competition that they are going for an Summit or D2 Summit bid, but if that team is split into a D2 division at that competition, they must either go for the D2 Summit bid or move into a standard division to compete against teams going for The Summit bid.

Once your team earns a bid for D2 Summit or the Summit, they MUST stay with that specific track to earn a higher bid throughout he reminder of the season.

D2 Summit - Trading of Bids

NEW THIS YEAR- Once your team accepts a bid for Summit or D2 Summit, you MUST stay with that specific track to earn a higher bid throughout the remainder of the season

  • Wild Card D2 Summit Bid- You can ONLY upgrade to a PAID D2 Summit bid.
  • Paid D2 Summit Bid– You must use your Paid D2 Summit bid. This bid type or location cannot be changed.
  • At-Large D2 Summit Bid– You can ONLY upgrade to a PAID D2 Summit bid.
  • Wild Card/ At Large Summit Bids– You can ONLY upgrade to a PAID Summit bid. 

D2 Summit- Crossover Policy

Yes, crossovers are allowed, but must abide by these rules: 
  1.  An all star cheerleader is limited to crossing over to 2 (two) additional cheer teams from their gym during the competition.
  2. Participant may only represent one gym.
  3. Participants must pay an additional registration fee for each additional team performance.
  4. The MAXIMUM number of individuals allowed to crossover from the 2017 Cheerleading Worlds to the D2 Summit will be 5 athletes per team. Level 5 athletes that competed at Cheerleading Worlds can only cross to level 4 & 5 Summit divisions (Excluded: Level 4.2).  
    • Exception: Junior 5 ( NOT restricted) will be allowed to have up to 8 crossovers from The Cheerleading Worlds to the D2 Summit.

D2 Summit- Final Advancements

  • All divisions with 10 or less teams in Semi Finals will have 5 teams advance to finals.
  • All divisions with 11-19 teams in Semi Finals will have 50% of the division advance to finals.
  • All divisions with 20 or more teams in Semi-Finals will have 10 teams in the division advance to finals.

Walt Disney World Resort® Competitions - Roster Import

Get a jump start on your registration. Use the provided template below and upload your master event roster to your account. When it's time to register, the process will be a breeze! Important! This does not replace your event roster that you must submit with USASF member website.